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Garment Printing

Digital Printing is a relatively new concept in garment printing. It works in much the same way as ink jet printing, but printing onto cotton fabric not paper.

Direct to Garment digital printing can produce much higher resolution prints than standard screen printing, at a much lower cost. The minimum quantity for a digital direct to garment print is one.

You can have a photo, team name, special event, all printed onto most garments using the Direct to Garment printing process.

We can print onto t-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies etc. Also onto tote or shopping bags, in fact we can print onto most items as long as we can lay it flat and  the item is 100% cotton.

For the best results in Direct to Garment printing we find a white or light coloured item gives a brighter image, although we have successfully printed onto darker items which gives a more “ vintage” print. 

For more details or information email us or give us a call.

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